Voice + presence = your uniqueness

The key to your success

Imagine walking into a room and immediately having everyone's attention. And when you speak, people would hang on your every word because you speak expressively and with a full voice.
Imagine you could communicate any of your ideas, inspire people with them and make your dreams come true. Would that be great?
And would it be even better if all this were super easy and even fun for you?
Then I say to you: it's possible - and you're only 7 steps away!

You have already done the first one. You are here and want to achieve something!

Who am I?
I've helped more than 500 executives, entrepreneurs, self-employed people, coaches and trainers do just that over the past 25 years with my Huhs' Resonance method and mentoring program:

  • Develop a presence appropriate to the personality that is perceived as pleasant, attentive and approachable, eliciting respect and esteem.

  • Have confidence in your own voice and performance.

  • Coming into their full size.

Why can I do that?
As an opera and concert singer who has been performing internationally for over 20 years on stages and in concert halls, for example singing in front of 3,500 people in Hamburg's Michel, my voice has to perform at its best every day and I have to be at the top of my game - i.e. function 150 percent at the decisive moment, even if I am overtired or have a cold. And my experience as a radio journalist brings the knowledge compactly, interestingly and crisply to the point - in the classic 1 minute 30 seconds.

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