Kurs: Top Performen & Überzeugen - 12 Week Course


12-week intensive course (online & 2 days live).

Increase your authenticity, expression, confidence and impact with my innovative Top Perform program. With our compact and effective 12-week training structure, you'll achieve lasting change in the shortest amount of time.

You improve:
- Your appearance
- Your voice and expression
- Your way of communicating and negotiating and
- Your overall appearance, so that you win, are successful and appear convincing.

With this program you will transform yourself to a new level, you will get one or two steps closer to your best SELF. And: You become fearless, confident and self-assured, because you know exactly what you are doing. Use the power of the Top Perform program for more authenticity and your personal growth!

This program is UNIQUE on the market because it takes a holistic approach to all areas of your expression and your effect and after the 12 weeks you are simply convincing with your new visual, vocal and mental appearance - no matter in which situation.

You will get all this in the course:
- Working materials (book & workbook)
- complete voice and body training
- complete expression and effect training
- better communication training
- color and style consulting, so that you look great
- social media & camera training
- New photos that you can use on your website or social media.

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