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Trio Octopus

… is a musical trio (soprano, mezzo-soprano, lute/theorbo) specialized in Italian madrigals, arias and duets from the 17. and 18. century. The singers present spiritual and worldly works of Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Caccini, Strozzi, Rossi et al. Accompanying moderation introduces to the compositions, ranging from famous arias like the "Lamento" of Arianna or the love duet of Poppea and Nerone from "The Coronation of Poppea" to beautiful or joyous madrigals of Caccini or Strozzi. Dive into the pulsating music of the renaissance and discover the multiplicity of its sound.

Venues: Concert halls, castles, churches, museums, restaurants, ceremonial events of any kind

Ensemble Barokki NORD – SÜD / L’augellino

The baroque ensemble Nord-Süd (North-South) consists of German and Scandinavian musicians, all of which made a name for themselves as specialists for old music in their home countries. It is the first ensemble of its kind in all of Europe and was founded in 2007, on a concert tour in Denmark with conductor Ton Koopman.

Repertoire and program change in cast according to the requirements. Currently the following programs can be booked:

1. Viva Vivaldi!

Virtuous music for solo violin, solo cello and soprano. Vivaldi at his best, so to speak! Works: Violin Concerto, Cello Concerto, Cantatas: "Lungi dal vago volto" and "Amor hai vinto".

2. Homage to Handel!

Here the most beautiful pieces of the baroque master of sound, an outstanding cembalist and opera composer, make themselves heard. Amongst others works from his famous operas like Julius Caesar, Orlando Furioso, Alcina, from his oratories Semele, Athalia, Judas Maccabeus, but also his cembalo and concert music.

3. Masters of Scandinavian baroque

They lived or were born in Scandinavia, and they wrote peerlessly beautiful music that is almost unknown in other countries. Moderations introduce to and explain these works. The distinct sound of this baroque music will enchant you.

4. Side-splitting baroque

Baroque does not always have to be serious. Many composers have had their fun with the genre, and written funny, wacky and entertaining pieces – like the contest between recorder and cembalo, or a mourning cantata about a canary. Here is classical art for laughs!


Cembalo – Gunnhild Tönder (DK/NOR)

Violin – Hanna Pessonen (FIN)

Recorder – Pernille (DK), Nora Kiszty (HUN), Nicola Termöhlen (DE)

Cello – Heidi (FIN)

Soprano – Wiebke Huhs (DE)

and others.

Previous appearances: Vantaan Baroque Festival Helsinki

Sa4 (Sapphire)

Bandoneon, Bassoon, Viola, Contrabass and Soprano – this combo sure has that certain something! Whether movie hit songs, classical music, South American songs, opera or musical, an extraordinary mixture of folklore, classic and jazz. Be ready for a sound seduction!

You can book Sa4 for celebrations, festivities, events, concerts or even just lounge-y evenings.

Previous references: Hamburger Michel, HASPA, Philips GmbH, Deutscher Ring

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