Further Programmes

Classical Programmes

Laudate Dominum in sanctis ejus

This program offers jubilating and fascinating church music. Clerical music for God's glory with works of Monteverdi, Händel, Ebart, Hanff, Mozart, Beethoven et al. for Organ, Soprano, Trumpet or Violin. Amongst the works are: Let the Bright Seraphim (Händel), Laudate dominum in sanctis ejus (Monteverdi), Ich will den Herrn loben allezeit (Hanff), Laudate Dominum (Mozart), Exsultate jubilate (Mozart), Bitten (Beethoven).


Eerie Enjoyment!

An hour of scary pleasure with uncanny songs, ballads and poems – sung and recited. With works of Loewe, Wolf, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Hindemith und Distler as well as Texts by Mörike, Goethe, Ringelnatz, Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, Poe and Heine.

Reciter – Mike Böger (SWR) · Vocals: Wiebke Huhs · Piano: Thomas Riefle


"Die Christel von der Post" or "Komm mit nach Varasdy" – in this program the most beautiful operetta highlights are unified with dance and show – and you won't miss out on the Viennese humor either. If you wish, it comes with a wide variety of Viennese songs. With arias and duets from the Fledermaus, Guiditta, Czardasfürstin, Vogelhändler, Lustige Witwe, Die Dubarry et al.


A journey through the history of opera – from the beginning until today. Here you will not only hear well-known melodies like the "Trinklied" from "La Traviata" but also touching and fiery arias and duets from the most influential and greatest operas in the world. We will take you on a journey from Monteverdi to Mozart and Weber, and then over to Strauß and Stravinsky.

Erotic Matinée

A program with all kinds of indecencies and ambiguousness in song and text. A matinee for the senses. Eros for brunch! Most exiting!

Mockingbird & Valentino:
A magical-musical mix of enchantment and songs

When a singer meets a magician, and both display most different aspects of their genre, an incredibly diverse entertainment show arises, thrilling and surprising until the end. In this show optical illusion, chanson, comedy, pantomime, step dance, song classics, mind tricks and sleight of hand meet without reservation, as charming and without fear of contact as the performers, Wiebke Huhs (the Mockingbird) and Clemens Valentino (the magician).

The long-time stage experience of these two artists and their education in many subjects as much as the musical accompaniment by two professional musicians (piano and contrabass) promise first class entertainment.

Mockingbird: Wiebke Huhs, Valentino: Clemens Valentino – magician, Piano: Christoph Kieser, Contrabass: Alfredo Wehner

The Frankfurter Rundschau wrote: "He plays on a claviature of styles, with which he serves his sovereignly and elegantly commanded magic."

The Heilbronner Stimme said: "[…] his mix of magic, comedy, pantomime and step dance: magical, fantastical, smart."

The Stuttgarter Nachrichten wrote: "The magical fifteen minutes of the stars: a real show with brilliant pantomime and rapid parodies of German schlager pop."

The Altmühl-Bote wrote: "An evening full of fantasy, filled to the brim with singing, dancing, comedy and baffling events enthralled adults and children alike."

The Backnanger Kreiszeitung wrote: "Captivating display of an artist duo!"

A short demonstration: www.youtube.com/watch

Classical Cocktail

A musical journey across the musicals and german pop of the 50s to 90s. With dancing, singing, show and the most popular evergreens.

Highlights of Broadway

The five-member musical ensemble "vocal(l)round", formed in Hamburg, delights with ensemble numbers, duets, trios and soli, all of their own choreography, including musicals of world renown and little known gems. An evening with dancing, show and thrilling music awaits you.

Works: Aida, Annie get your Gun, Arielle, Billy Elliot, Cabaret, Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Jekyll & Hyde, Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, My Fair Lady, Nonsense, Oklahoma, Phantom of the Opera, Queen, Sweet Charity, Dance of the Vampires, Wicked, West Side Story et al.

The artists have played lead characters in the Buddy Holly Story, Elisabeth and Rockymania, amongst others. All of them are well-versed musical professionals.

Performance locations: theatres, concert halls, events, celebrations, marriages etc.

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