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I am proud to present you my very first music video. It is the prelude to a CD launch, which I am currently crowdfund on Kickstarter. The CD should be ready in May 2021 and contains 10 songs (mainly pop and musical), some of which I wrote myself. These songs all have positive, strong lyrics and should strengthen and uplift you, your family and friends - even when things are not going well.
I had the idea many years ago, but now - in Corona times - I think such music is more important than ever!
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You just like to listen to beautiful music? Then take a look at a small excerpt from my latest live concert "The Cool Couch".


Current Events

Date Location Programme Time  
12.9. Eggenfelden The Cool Couch 15:00  
6.10. Online End of CD-Launch Kickstarter 15:10  
7.11. Stutensee Launch "W wie Wiebke" 10:00 - 20:00  
11.12. Leonberg Classic meets Pop "Weihnachten" 19:00  
12.12. Leonberg Classic meets Pop "Weihnachten" 17:00  
17.12. Stuttgart Christmas Concert 18:00